Hall Research

Hall Research is a well-known brand in the audiovisual equipment industry, specializing in innovative and high-quality products. One of their popular offerings is the Hall Research Compact Xlr Microphone Amplifier With Stereo Line Level Mixer. This compact amplifier combines a microphone amplifier with a stereo line-level mixer, making it perfect for professional audio setups. It also features phantom power, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of microphones.

Another product from Hall Research is the Hall Research Ceiling Tile Speaker. These 2Ftx2ft speakers are designed specifically for ceiling installations and provide excellent sound quality. With an 8 ohm impedance, they are suitable for a variety of audio systems and installations.

For video and data transmission needs, the Hall Research Vga & Bi-Directional Rs-232 Sender And Receiver Kit is an ideal choice. This kit allows for bi-directional transmission of VGA video and RS-232 data signals over long distances. It ensures reliable and high-quality transmission, making it perfect for presentations, classrooms, and other professional settings.

To provide convenient connections for solar installations, Hall Research offers the Hall Research 10 Ft Mc4-H2 Connection Cables. These cables are designed to connect solar panels to the solar charge controller, enabling efficient and reliable power transmission. With a length of 10 feet, they provide flexibility in installations.

Hall Research also offers a range of power supply solutions, including the Hall Research Power Supply and the Hall Research 5V Dc Universal Power Supply. These power supplies are designed to provide stable and reliable power to a wide range of audiovisual equipment, ensuring optimal performance.

To eliminate ground loop noise in audio systems, Hall Research offers the Stereo Audio Ground-Loop Isolator & Filter With 3.5mm Connectors. This isolator and filter provide a simple yet effective solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted noise caused by ground loops. With 3.5mm connectors, it can be easily integrated into various audio setups.

For customers with international power requirements, Hall Research offers the 5V Dc Universal Power Supply With International Plug Kit. This power supply kit includes interchangeable plugs, making it compatible with outlets from different countries. It provides users with the convenience and flexibility to power their equipment anywhere in the world.

Lastly, the Hall Research HDMI / DVI To SDI Converter is a versatile tool for video professionals. This converter allows for seamless conversion between HDMI or DVI signals to SDI for broadcast or professional video applications. It ensures high-quality video transmission and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Overall, Hall Research offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and innovative audiovisual products. From amplifiers and speakers to power supplies and converters, their products are trusted by professionals worldwide for their reliability and performance.
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