Cam Locks

Features & Advantages of Cam Locks

  You can mount the cam lock into metal or wood applications. And the barrel nut makes the use easier. The mechanism turns to 90 and 180 degrees. You can configure the rotation for one or more keys. The stainless steel parts provide the ultimate defense against tampering. So, it resists any physical attacks and various forms of manipulations. Furthermore, the tumbler pin system is pickproof. The pins of different lengths prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. Thanks to the die-cast, these locks are suitable for everyday use. You can use the cam locks on storage boxes, drawers, chests, and others. Our latches are not only reliable but also stylish and affordable. Shop for more options on our website.

Why You Should Choose Our Cam Locks

  Firstly, our cam locks provide the high-security level. You'll be sure that your belongings are in safety and no one takes them. To open the door, you'll need the correct key. Otherwise, you won't unlock the latch. The tumbler pin system makes the protection reliable and eliminates the risk of penetration. Secondly, you can easily install the lock. It fits perfectly almost any locker, so the variety of applications is wide. However, the correct installation is essential as it improves the inherent strength of the lock. Moreover, that prevents the forced entry and breaking in. 

  This type of lock is popular in industrial applications as each latch consists of the cam and the pawl. The key rotates the mechanism to 90 or 180 degrees, in both directions. Most noteworthy, you can choose the position in which you can remove the key. That can be the left or the right side. Please note that all dimensions are approximate. So, you should be more specific while ordering the lock. The two user keys come in complete with the cam lock. More than that, you can buy the master key for emergencies. Also, the latches are core removable and easy-to-use. For more information about the locks browse our website. Here you'll find their descriptions and details.

  Zephyr Lock offers key controlled hasp cam locks. These cam locks are utilized for wood lockers in different industries including the health and medical industry. They are an attractive, effective and secure choice for employee and health club applications. Browse through our products to see the different accessories and finish options available for your application.

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