Orca - Hd Video Recording Waterproof Sport Camera Sunglasses

  • Crystal Clear 1080p HD Video & Audio
  • Available with 32/64/128GB
  • Stores 5+ on Hours of Video on 32GB/ 10+ on 64GB and 20+ on 128GB
  • Electronic Video Image Stabilization
  • Vibration Alert
  • Can Take Photos While Recording Video
  • Compatible with all version of Windows and Mac OS x
  • Waterproof up to 3 Feet
  • ANSIZ 87.1 Rated Lenses
  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Record while you’re Swimming, Surfing, or Water Skiing
  • Record live shows or events
  • Record classrooms or lectures
  • Record yourself trap shooting or practicing targets
  • Record sporting events
  • Record Jet Skiing or Boating
  • Record yourself playing sports, skating, skydiving, and more...
  • Record yourself driving or racing
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Recording Time Per 1 GB
10 min per 1GB
Built-In Memory
32 GB / 128GB
Home, Office, Outdoor , Wearable
Power Source
Battery, Plug-In
Operating System
Windows, Max OS x
Boot Time
2 - 3 Sec
Battery Size
480 mAh
Night Vision
Shutter Type
Operating Temp. Range
-12º F - 140º F
Video Storage
32GB    - Holds 5.6 Hours of video with audio  128GB -  Holds over 24 hours of video with audio
Max Memory Size
128 GB
Time Setting
Computer (Windows/Mac)
Video File Length
10 min
Battery Life
1.5 Hours
Recording Content
Video, Audio
Video Quality
High Definition 1080p
Image Stabilization
Electronic Video Stabilization
Light Sensitivity
1.0 LUX
Micro USB
Lens Angle
Bullet Points
Crystal Clear 1080p HD Video & Audio 32G/64/128GB Built-In Memory Stores 5+ Hours of Video on 32GB/10+ on 64GB/20+ on 128GB Electronic Video Image Stabilization Vibration Alert Can Take Photos While Recording Video  Compatible with all version of Windows and Mac OS x Waterproof up to 3 Feet  Noise Cancelling Mic ANSIZ 87.1 Rated Lenses 1 Full Year Replacement Guarantee 
Motion Detection
HD 1080p CMOS
Memory Card
Video Format
Glass Laser Etched
Built-In Noise-cancelling Mic

The Orca water-resistant video sunglasses let you capture beautiful 1080p HD video and snap crisp 15MP still pictures while you’re recording video or in standby mode. Best of all it’s done hands-free! There’s nothing better than sunglasses with a built-in camera to help you capture a moment when you need your other hands available. Factor in the HD quality resolution and the water resistance, and you get a lot of value in a single pair of sunglasses that you can virtually take anywhere.

The Orca Sunglasses are both well-constructed and resilient while having an ultra-high-quality CMOS sensor that can record video and snap photos.  The glasses are built with a high-grade polymer IP66 frame which means they are resistant to both dust and the effects of temporary water immersion up to three feet for a duration of up to one minute.

The Orca Sunglasses have a built-in rechargeable battery that only takes 2 hours to charge from a standard USB port and can record video non-stop for up to 90 minutes.  Recording video is easy,  just press the button on the arm of the Orca Glasses and they will turn on and start recording.  If you want to take a still picture while you’re recording, just press the button again. Video recording functions won’t be affected, but you will snap an instant photo of what you need.

Never second guess whether you are recording or not, The Orca takes all the guesswork out of it with a vibration alert that lets you know when you start or stop recording video, snap a picture, have a low battery, or a full memory card.

The Orca water-resistant video sunglasses come with built-in 32 or 128GB of memory that can store over 24 hours of video.  Erasing and recording new files is easy and can be done unlimited amount times.

HD 1080p Video Recording with Sound
The Orca water-resistant video sunglasses are equipped with a high-quality HD video sensor for a stunning, bright, and colorful video image in 1080p resolution.  The video is ideal for sharing with friends on Facebook and easily uploaded to YouTube.  A built-in high-quality microphone is strategically located at the bottom of the frame making extraneous noises caused by wind and rain no longer an issue.

Video Stabilization
The Orca water-resistant video sunglasses are equipped with a digital video stabilizer which reduces jitters and shakiness caused by walking, running and other high motion movements. The video glasses are also equipped with a high ISO implementation that reduces blurring when going from a high-lit area to a low lit area by analyzing high-speed lighting and automatic histogram data that increases low tone detail and reserves high tones.

15MP Still Photos
The Orca water-resistant video sunglasses can take still photos while recording video just by pressing the button on the glasses' arm. The glasses also allow you to take still photos while in standby mode so no matter if you're recording video or not, taking still photos is always easy.

Light Durable Water Resistant IP66 Rated Frame
The most advanced DVR technology would still be susceptible to damage if it weren't protected by a state of the art durable frame.  That is exactly what we did, no expense was spared in designing the most durable and lightweight frame.  The frame is IP66 rated meaning The Orca is resistant to both dust and the effects of temporary water immersion up to 3 feet for a duration time of 1 minute.

ANSIZ 87.1 Rated Lenses
The Orca video-recording sunglasses come standard with ANSI Z 87.1 rated lenses. All optional additional lenses are also ANSI Z 87.1 rated and certified. 

Built-In 32 / 64 / 128GB Memory
The Orca Video Recording Sunglasses come with built-in memory. You can choose from 32GB or 128GB.
-   32GB of memory can store up to 5 – 6 hours of video. 
- 128GB of memory can store up to 20 – 24 hours of video. 
Erasing older files and recording new files is easy with any PC or Mac so you never have to worry about your memory is full.

Time & Date Stamp
Date and time are optionally displayed in the corner of your video for your personal reference.                                                                                                                                                   

Compatible with both Mac and PC
The Orca are compatible with Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and more, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and all versions of Mac OS X Systems. To get the video you want to play, the process is as simple as plugging the shades into the USB of your PC or Mac, which automatically opens the device and displays the video files.


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