Kestrel Pro - 1080p Wifi Hd Video Camera Sunglasses

  • Ultra-Wide 90° Last Cut Glass Lens
  • 1080p Full-Color Video with Audio
  • View Live or Record over Secure WIFI to your Smartphone
  • Small, Durable and Resistant (Great Personal Security)
  • Built-In Memory (32/128GB)
  • Records 10 min per 1GB
  • Up to 60 Min Battery Life
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens - 90 Degree Field of view not only captures what human eyes see but also what they can miss.
  • Interchangeable Lenses - The Kestrel Pro incorporates a frame where the included polarized lenses can be removed and swapped for another pair of lenses sold as an additional accessory or prescription lenses. (Take the glasses to any lens shop to have your local optometrist create prescription lenses for you.)
  • HD Video & Audio - Capture brilliant 1080p HD video with sound
  • Date & Time Stamp - Video has an embedded Date & Timestamp overlay in the corner of the video. This feature can be easily turned on or off.
  • WiFi Hot Spot - Connect to the glasses' WiFi hotspot to view live, record or share.
  • 1 HR Batt. Life - Built-in Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for up to1 hour.
  • Built-In Memory - Choose between 32 and 128GB to be able to store up to 22 hours.
  • Personal Protection - Wear the Kestrel Pro camera sunglasses always on you, and instantly have evidence you need with a push of a button.
  • Job Interviews - Record your interview from either side for later review to improve your interviewing skills.
  • Watch over your kids – Kids can be camera shy when they know they are being recorded, record them naturally to capture precious moments of goofiness and joy.
  • Delivery Proof - If you deliver goods or food for a living it’s a sure way to prevent discrepancy by recording every delivery.
  • Customer Service Issues –While dealing with customers in any sort of business, sometimes the customer can become angry or abusive and put your word against theirs. Keep this bodycam in your pocket or in your hand and record anytime there is an issue to protect you.
  • Record Shows or Events - Take the Kestrel Pro with you to any show, an event or conference to record the video you need and want to share.
  • Classroom or Lectures - The camera glasses are a great tool to discreetly record a classroom or lectures.
  • Shooting - Record great clear quick video when hunting, trap shooting or target practice for accurate 1st person perspective of your great shots.
  • Sporting Events - Kestrel Pro is great way to capture video at a sporting event when watching professionals play or your kids, we all want to record and share those amazing moments in sports but hold in a phone or a camera is a pain when both hands need to be utilized for cheering or that nice cold beverage.
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Night Vision
Video File Length
10 Min / 1GB
WiFi Function
Stream & Record
WiFi Distance
Up To 20 Feet
Time Setting
Via Smartphone App
Max Memory Size
128 GB
Video Storage
5 hour of Storage on 32GB 22 hours Storage on 128GB Memory
Operating Temp. Range
14° F - 140° F
Shutter Type
Recording Time Per 1 GB
10 Minutes 
Battery Size
Operating System
Windows, Max OS x, Smartphone (Apple/Android)
Power Source
Battery, Plug-In
Remote Streaming
Outdoor , Wearable
Built-In Memory
32 or 128GB
AV Input
HD 1080p 1920x1080 (30fps)   
Battery Life
60 Min
Recording Content
Video & Audio
Video Quality
High Definition 1080p
Image Stabilization
Electronic Video Stabilization
Light Frequency
60/50 HZ
Light Sensitivity
1.0 LUX
Lens Angle
Bullet Points
Ultra-Wide 90° Last Cut Glass Lens 1080p Full-Color Video with Audio View Live or Record over Secure WIFI to your Smartphone   Small, Durable and Resistant (Great Personal Security)    Built-In Memory (32/128GB) Records 10 min per 1GB Up to 60 Min Battery Life
Motion Detection
HD 1080p CMOS
Memory Card
Video Format
Glass Laser Etched
Built-In Mic

The Zetronix Kestrel Pro is a pair of stylish sleek sunglasses in a matt finish with a built-in Wi-Fi camera and mic.  The sunglasses record crystal clear HD 1080p video with audio onto built-in memory with a press of a button. When the Kestrel Pro sunglasses camera is paired with a smartphone over secure WiFi the glasses stream live video with audio to the device up to 20 feet away.  The user-friendly smartphone app allows viewing the live video as it's happening and to start and recording. The app also has features to share the recorded video to Facebook, YouTube or other social media outlets. 

The Kestrel Pro video camera sunglasses not only take great quality video with sound but can snap photos instantly with a snap of a button. The Kestrel Pro is a perfect solution for recording evidence, sports, events, trips and more on the go with ease and quick ability to share. 


 Main Features

Suggested Use


90 Degree Ultra Wide Camera Lens
The Kestrel Pro incorporates a laser cut 90 Degree wide-angle lens that captures a field of view similar to the human eyes, so video always comes out accurate and undistorted.

Smart Phone App Record/Playback/Stream 
Downloading the App to use your Kestrel Pro sunglasses camera is free and all you need to do is connect to your phone to the local private password protected wifi network that the sunglasses are sending out. Once connected you can view a live feed, record, and playback from up to 20 feet away from the sunglasses camera

Video Stabilization
The glasses are equipped with a digital video stabilizer which reduces jitters and shakiness caused by walking, running and other high motion movements. The video glasses are also equipped with a high ISO implementation that reduces blurring when going from a well-lit area to a low lit area by analyzing high-speed lighting and automatic histogram data that increases low tone detail and preserves high tones.

1080P HD Video Quality
The Kestrel Pro sunglasses video cam incorporates a professional-grade 1080p CMOS sensor to produce a clear vivid video and picture that can tell faces and details further than most conventional cameras.

Built-In 32GB or 128GB Memory
The built-in memory and are available in two sizes, 32GB or 128GB. 32GB of memory can store up to 5 hours of video. 128GB of memory can store up to 22 hours of video. Erasing older files and recording new files is easy with any PC or Mac so you never have to worry about your memory is full.

Date & Time Stamp
Date and time are optionally displayed in the corner of your video for your personal reference. This feature comes in handy if the video is needed for discovery or presented as legal evidence. 


Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up 60 min of recording time and is guaranteed for 100,000 cycles. Charge it with the included  AC charger with your body camera or from your computer’s USB port.

Compatible with PC, Mac along with iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android
The Kestrel Pro sunglasses camera is compatible with all computers to playback videos along with a free App for your smartphone that allows you to stream live video, record, and playback without a computer.

Record Sound
Built-in microphone to record sound with the video. The mic is located behind the glasses arm clip to avoid unwanted sound but still clearly record a nearby conversation.

Take Photographs
The Kestrel Pro camera sunglasses not only records video but takes instant photos with a 10MP camera with the press of a button on the app or the camera.


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