Built-In Key Locks

Features of Built-In Key Locks

  To protect your possessions from stealing install a built-in key lock in a school or a gym locker. The tumbler cylinder provides high pick resistance and, as a result, high-security level. Moreover, it is easy to install the lock as it tolerates misalignment of any locker. You can use the mechanism on the right and left hinged applications. An ADA Key Lock is also available for lift-latch applications where no turning motion of the key required. 

  Most noteworthy, the locks are available with a deadbolt that has anti-prying protection. The locking door locks automatically by closing it due to the spring bolt locking. After you close the door, the bolt pushes in and springs out. The locking spring bolt provides slam shut convenience. That's why it is ideal for box lockers. What is important, mounted steel mechanism deters vandalism. So it will be hard to tamper the lock. For opening the door, you'll need a key, and two keys come fitted with the lock. 

ADA Built-In Key Locks

  Our store offers the ADA key lock option. Its design fits most lockers. It's also available for lift-latch applications where the turning motion of the key is not necessary. These locks provide the high protection level. The five pin tumbler cylinder achieves superior pick resistance. Each lock is supplied with two keys. Besides, each device is unique and has its bitting cuts. The large bow allows easy operation. It's comfortable to bear the key in hand. For supervisory access, you need to order the master key separately. All the options are flexible to match your requirements. Necessary information about each item, you'll find on our website. Shop our assortment of RFID Locks and protect your stuff.

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