Built-In Combination Locks

Built-in Combination Lock Distinctive Features

  The combination lock has an ergonomic dial with non-slip coating. As a result, it provides strong cohesion with a grip ring. You won't worry about the opened door due to the automatic locking system. Moreover, the pre-set combinations allow the extended usage. You can effortlessly change the code to maintain security. The control chart offers simple administration, so you can effectively supervise the device. The pending button guard protects the lock functions from the overstuffed lockers. For effortless installation of the mechanism, there are nut channels. The design of the locks matches to cabinets with left or right handles. In addition, almost all our locks have a ten-year warranty from time of shipment.

Types of Built-in Combination Locks

  Built-in combination locks differ depending on their operating principles. According to this, men separate the bolts with a numerical keypad and the electronic locks. Mechanical devices also have push buttons. They consist of the dial-type lock and the hole for a manual key. Locks with electronic operation offers ease-of-use and efficiency. These deadbolts considered to provide the high-security level. To operate the electronic lock you need to create a unique personal code. You can't set multiple passwords for opening the locker. In conclusion, you are able to manage the access to certain people remotely. You can also reset and deactivate unnecessary codes without breakdown the lock.

  Combination locks are perfect for offices, flats, and workshops. No keys and cards are required for such locks. That is why it's so easy to operate these deadbolts. You can quickly install the lock on the door. The advantage of these locks is theft proof and reliability. If you are looking for more convenience and safety, built-in combination locks are an ideal choice. In our store, you'll find high-quality, reliable and straightforward built-in combination locks.

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