RFID Locks

Features of RFID Locks

  You can easily install the lock on any wooden or metal panel. Besides, you won't need special software to make it work. To unlock the latch, you have the personal card that you can program by yourself. More than that, the lock is powered by alkaline batteries. The battery alarm informs of the low charge. The lock can also gain the power from the standby the battery box in case of discharge. To operate RFID lock, you'll have card keys which are as reliable as smart banking cards. No illegal penetration is possible thanks to the personalized data of the key. Besides, our locks comply with ADA guidelines for ADA accessibility. For the correct installation follow the manual. Our locks are waterproof, resistant to high temperature, durable and safe.

The Advantages of RFID Locks

  These locks are easy to use. The card is handier than the regular key because you apply it to the lock and open the door. You can clip the card to your clothes or purses and don't be afraid of losing it. Since RFID system emits radio waves, it allows accepting the signal at a distance. In comparison to the standard or magnetic key, the card eliminates the physical contact. So, the opening process becomes much faster. Also, such system is useful especially when you're carrying many things.

  Another advantage of this security system is data tracking. When you unlock the door, the system automatically notes the date and time you came in. It's convenient for bosses and securities to note the check-ins and outs. With the specialized equipment, you can read the data on the card. Thus, all the records are in safe and remain on the chip.

  RFID locks are weatherproof due to the unexposed card slot. They resist moisture, heat and frost, corrosion, and other environmental phenomena. Moreover, they are durable and easy to carry. Shop our assortment and find the ideal RFID lock for your needs.

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