Shared Use Locks

Shared Use Locks Features

  Firstly, shared use operation allows guests to create their own password. Thus, multiple individuals may use the locker throughout the day. Secondly, a manager can unlock a box using the control key or specific numerical combination. Then, you can modify the cam locking mechanism so that it could fit any locker configuration. Most of the models are available in vertical and horizontal versions to meet your application requirements. 10-digit keypad offers a wide variety of numerical combinations that provides the high-security level. The push lock button is simple and reliable and blends the best of mechanical and electronic features.

What are Functions of Shared Use Locks

  For shared use, a person enters a self-selected code. Further, the user reenters the password and opens the locker. After all operations, the manager erases the code. In case of permanent use, the lock retains the 4-digit password. With the control code, the manager can unlock the box or clear the code if necessary. Also, the supervisor has the control key to open the locker manually.  The convenient thing about the shared use locks is that it doesn't need a battery for working. 

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