Electronic Locks

Electronic Lock Benefits

  Take security to the next level with our electronic locks. With the SmartCode technology, you gain better control of the home access. You get text messages of when and who comes to your residence. Thus, with this programme, you'll be able to manage the control of the entrance to the house. Furthermore, you'll be alerted of an unauthorized access attempt. More than that, the deactivation of the lock becomes more accessible with PIN automatic mechanism, as you don't need to use a traditional key. For authentication enter a numerical code or a password and change it if necessary. You won't worry about wiring the lock because it runs on 4 AA batteries. And finally, the keypad has illumination for easy use at nighttime. 

 What is Special about Electronic Lock

  With the electronic lock, you can quickly provide the secure access. Some mechanisms operate along with the control system using cards or keypads. Smart card locks are suitable for hotel and office doors. You can also find such devices in factories or secure parking areas. Besides, you can program them for commercial buildings where registered guests enter regularly. There are electronic locks that use the unique scanning system for smart cards. As a result, it will prevent the tampering. 

  Electronic locks provide a high level of security in comparison with other types of locks. It's almost impossible to break such system. You operate these locks without keys, so it offers even more protection. The power resource of the lock system is electricity. You can mount the system to the lock or the control system somewhere else. However most of all, you can manage the entrance via your phone. The programme will let you know when and whom the access was set up. 

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