ADA Locks

ADA Lock Keys

  There are three ways to open the ADA locks. You can use a numerical combination or a key to unlock the box. In case you forgot the code or enter it incorrectly, the key is the only way to reset the lock. Thus, you won't need to break the locker. The main difference of the ADA lock keys is their shape. The oversized user key has prolonged bow, so that's comfortable for people with special needs. It's easy to grab and hold the unlocking device while opening the mechanism. Each ADA lock comes with two keys, and you have to order the master key separately. In addition, the devices fit locker doors with hinges on the left and the right. In the category "Lock Accessories" of our store you'll find ADA keys.

ADA Locker Requirements

  To install the lock, you need to design the locker properly. At first, pay attention to the type of the cabinet. If it's a single tier box, you must lower the shelf and coat hooks. Also, the lock mustn't be high. It's better if it's at eye level. If it's a double tier locker, you must add an extra shelf so that the bottom of the box isn't low. You can use the lower opening for ADA compliance. And moreover, only recessed handles can meet the ADA specifications. 

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