Access-Control Keypads

Specifications of Access-Control Keypads

  After the installation, you can restrict access to any part of your home. That means that you can assign an individual code for any room and no one will come in. After entering the code, the video camera activates and transmits the picture to the computer. Besides, it records the user's entry and exit. You can set one personal code and some additional ones for other people. So you can control who uses the door. The keypad can save up to 480 combinations. They activate two relay outputs that are used for the latch on and off functions. Also, you can program them so that they toggle the codes. Thanks to the inner memory, the keypad retains its data even if the power is off. Thus, your settings will remain. The LED indicators show when the device is active or not.

  You can program all features from the keypad. There is no need for an external programmer. The real-time clock provides the auto access at a specific time. The high quality of our keypads guarantees the strong security. So, you'll rest easy for your home. Due to the universal design, the keypads are suitable for domestic and commercial use. You can install the device in your office or apartment. Sensitive buttons offer a quick response. The entering will become much faster than usual. Also, the built-in button connects an external bell. The resistance to weather conditions helps to prolong the working efficiency of the keypad. You can simply program the keypad for the controlled access. The system can hold up to 25 numeric codes. In addition, you can create a temporary code that expires within seven days.

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