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  Usually, you need one key to operate one specific lock. And in most cases, the lock requires one unique key. So, the correct device allows the access to any properties like buildings, cabinets or cupboards. While ordering the key, remember of its precut. Otherwise, you'll get the unworkable device. Note, that most of the items are suitable for definite locks, so be attentive to this. Also, we offer keys for combination locks as they have keyholes. If you forget the code, the key will help to unlock the latch.  

  For electronic keypads, we've got handy plastic cards which have programming system for quick access. The card has the chip that transmits its data to the computer, and the security system identifies the user. The size of the card is the same as of a credit card which is convenient in many ways. It's not heavy, easy-to-use, and fits perfectly in your wallet or pocket. Besides, you won't worry about what the entry code is. All the essential data is on the card, and it won't disappear unexpectedly. The strong material that is used in proximity cards defense them from breaking. It's also hard to scratch these devices so you can carry them with other things. But don't scratch the card on purpose, you can damage the magnetic part. Shop the variety of our assortment to find the proper key for your lock.

Additional Items & Parts

  In addition to unlocking devices (keys and cards), we have proximity tags. The operating principle is the same as the user card. Moreover, tags function on readers that respond to key cards. That means that you can use them as the alternative mean of accessing locks. The advantages of these tags are their size and shape. They are smaller than ordinary keys and portable, so they don't take much space. The tags have the slot for a key ring so you can attach them to your bag or other keys. More than that, their duration lasts until you use them with the reader and the lock.  

  A proximity reader scans data from user cards or tags and unlocks the door. Place these electronic devices about four to six inches in front of the reader and the system will get the information. Thus, you don't have to use manual keys or memorize numerical codes to enter a particular room or office. The programming is quick and straightforward and supports up to 65000 cards. When you use the right card or tag, the device will light up a LED indicator to show granted access. 

  We've got many supplies for locks including replacement cores, extension kits, etc. The extension kits contain additional bolts and a long spindle to mount on thick wood or laminate locker doors. Duplicate cores will suit cam locks and match specific models. Moreover, there are high-quality latches and cylinder key switches to replace old locks. Shop our variety of affordable lock accessories on RFID Locks & More.

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